Pet Sitting


An experienced pet sitter will come to your home to take care of your pets and give them lots of attention.  We can feed them and provide fresh water, take them for a walk, offer play time, scoop litter boxes and even administer medications.  This allows your pets to stay in the environment they are the most comfortable and not deal with the stress of a boarding facility. We can even send you a daily text and photo of your pet so that you can see for yourself that your pets are receiving the care they deserve.  We will do everything possible to keep you pets happy, healthy and safe!

All visits include:

  • • Giving lots of love and attention
  • • Providing meals and fresh water
  • • Playtime
  • • Going on a walk
  • • Cleaning litter boxes
  • • Care of any other caged or aquarium pets

We also include home services such as:

  • • Bringing in mail, packages, and newspapers
  • • Taking out trash and bringing in empty trash cans
  • • Turning lights on and off
  • • Adjusting window treatments
  • • Watering plants

Benefits of Pet Sitting for Your Pet(s)

  • • Reduced stress
  • • Diet and exercise routines remain constant
  • • Medications are administered on schedule
  • • No exposure to illnesses and/or parasites from other animals
  • • Not traumatized by car trip and unfamiliar environment
  • • Receives love and personal attention while you’re away

Benefits of Pet Sitting for You, The Pet Owner

  • • No inconvenience of having to transport your pet to and from a kennel
  • • No guilt-ridden goodbyes at the kennel
  • • No imposition on friends, relatives, or neighbors
  • • Routine tasks around your home will be done (newspaper, mail, trash roll out, watering, etc.)
  • • Your home appears that someone is around, which will help deter crime




Are you ready to arrange your next trip?  Contact us today!

After we receive the details of your trip we’ll check to make sure we have a pet sitter available.  The pet sitter will contact you within 24 hours to arrange a free consultation before your trip.