About Us


Emily Cardina

Sit Squad owner and Head Petsitter, Emily Cardina with one of her dogs “Pickles.”

My name is Emily Cardina, owner of The Sit Squad.  I started this business out of a passion for animals and pets.  I currently have 3 fun loving dogs: Banjo a Rat Terrier who will steal your heart and then immediately bring you a tennis ball to throw for him, Pixie (or Pickles as we now call her) a Rat Terrier mix who was adopted from the Howell Mill Humane Society.  She’s a bit skittish when meeting strangers, but to us she is a sweet loving girl who can’t get enough attention. Then there’s Mocha, a wonderful Boston Terrier mix who is extremely docile and patient.  We also have a cat named Peedro.  We’re fairly certain he’s immortal.  He’s pushing 17 years old and still looks like a handsome young cat.  He’s slowed down a bit in recent years, but he still has a big personality.

Here’s a bit more about me.  I graduated from Indiana University many, many years ago with a degree in business.  Upon graduation I took a job at a small sales and marketing company in Marietta, GA.  I realized right away that a small business was the right fit for me.  However, the products our company represented didn’t quite hold my interest.  After many years of soul searching I realized that if I wanted to feel satisfied I would have to incorporate my love of animals into my profession.  I considered switching directions completely to become a Vet Tech or a Groomer, but that didn’t quite seem right either.  Then my husband and I were introduced to a woman who had her own pet sitting business in another state and we both got excited about the idea.  After asking her a lot of questions and doing my own research I decided to start my own pet sitting business.  I got certified as a pet sitter through Pet Sitters International and took the steps to set up the business.  It’s official, I am a Pet Sitter and a small business owner!  I take on my own pet sitting assignments and I am working on securing other Pet Sitters as independent contractors in order expand The Sit Squad and cover a larger service area.

Thank you for taking the time to look through our website.